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July 4th Mega Party

Enjoy dressing up for tonights party at the White House! Wear your sexiest clothes and looks stunning to celebrate another year of independence.
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Striped Maxi Dresses

What could be better on a warm day than wear a loose fitting maxi dress that keeps you cool and comfortable all day long? And when the evening comes and it gets a little bit cooler, just throw on a jacket and you are all read
Still Played : 427
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Selena Gomez Manicure

Selena Gomez always knows the latest nail trend! Tonight she is attending a fashion party with all of her Hollywood friends. Help her design the perfect manicure.
Still Played : 440
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Rainy Fall Dressup

Fall is a beautiful season and Lilly loves it! She enjoys walking into the rain and admiring the nature. Pick up a nice outfit for her and make sure Lilly looks lovable for a beautiful fall day!
Still Played : 409
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Fancy Pink Dresses

Help this beautiful girl to choose a perfect fancy pink dress and accessories.
Still Played : 571
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Shopping Trip

Help Annalise as she shops at her favorite mall. Her wardrobe is bare and she is in desperate need of some fashion help! Can you help make her trendy and cute?
Still Played : 401
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Wedding Day

Dressing up this cute barbie and make her wedding day memoreble.
Still Played : 5996
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Prom Night Makeup

All that is left to do is the makeup. There is only a few minutes before her date will arrive to pick her up. Would you like to help her?
Still Played : 741
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Spring Manicure

spring is here! You must have abandoned your winter clothes and changed into colorful spring dresses. To match with your spring look, give yourself a beautiful spring manicure!
Still Played : 342
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Backpack and Notebook Design

Would you like to be able to design your own backpack? Choose your favorite color, add a cool print, and put on a few stickers to prettify it? You can also design a notebook and decorate it with plenty of stickers!
Still Played : 467
Rating :

Pretty and Pregnant

Dress this adorable mom to be in cute, colorful clothing. She is going to be attending her own baby shower later today, so make sure she looks totally adorable!
Still Played : 697
Rating :

Cute Bonnie Make Up

Are you interested in Bonnie makeup style. Then go ahead to see how beautiful this girl when she get the cute Bonnie makeover!
Still Played : 419
Rating :

Midi Skirts

Midi skirts or medium length skirts, mixed with different tops and shirts. Simple but classic! Have fun.
Still Played : 435
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Make Me A Princess

Your task is to transform her into a princess! By giving her a complete makeover. Use some skin treatments and masks first, make her up, do her hair, then choose a royal gown to dress her up as a princess!
Still Played : 620
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Holiday at maldives

Today you have to dress up Sophie for her holiday trip to Maldives. Just rummage through her wardrobe and pick the best outfit for her, then accessorize her with sparkling jewelries and nice pair of shoes.
Still Played : 360
Rating :

Yellow And Orange Party

Her boyfriend invited her to participate at a yellow and orange party theme. Now, check out her wardrobe and see what she have,Then dress you up her for amazing party.
Still Played : 365
Rating :

Perfect Date Makeup

She is going for a date with her boyfriend and she wants to give surprise him with her new look. So please help her with your makeover skills to get that.
Still Played : 733
Rating :

Barbie In The Rain Dress Up

Girls, spend some quality time with Barbie in the Rain, check out her amazing chic and trendy closet and dress her for a rainy day.
Still Played : 844
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My Summer Internship

Its time to join the world of working grown-ups! She has an internship for the summer and wants to look the part, out with the torn jeans and stretched tee shirts, in with the power suits and blouses!
Still Played : 514
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Neon Barbie

Pastel pink is definitely not the only color for Barbie! She also likes bright and fun neon colors in her wardrobe! Dress Barbie in hot pink dresses, neon green tops and bright blue pants!
Still Played : 559
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