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Barbie With Pegasus

Tonight Barbie is attending a party in the wonderland and for that she has a nice Pegasus. For this event she dreams to look absolutely gorgeous. Please help her for that.
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Make Me A Model

Sandra is dreaming to be a model one day and she wanna do everything to make sure that will become real. help her pursuit her dream.
Still Played : 1045
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Sweet Pring Wedding

Dress up princess and prince with some sweet and beautiful dresses to experience today.
Still Played : 59284
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Chic Winter Style

She likes winter fashion and today she wants some unique outfit for her. So lets try to dress up her with an unique fashionable style.
Still Played : 711
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Shopaholic Princess Dress Up

Look, the Shopaholic Princess already has a few shopping bags but still has plenty of shops left to visit! Dress up the Shopaholic for a fun day of trying on clothes and shopping!
Still Played : 814
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Happiest Bride Dressup

She want to have the most beautiful and attractive dress for a splendid appearance.
Still Played : 13998
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Barbie Cover Girl Dressup

Barbie is photo is going to be on the cover page of a famous magazine! Help her get ready for the photo session! Choose for her a nice outfit.
Still Played : 895
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Cute Wedding Dressup

Help Jennifer choose her wedding dress.
Still Played : 8725
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Ashley Greene Dress Up

Ashley Greene is a famous hollywood actress. She famous for the role of Alice Cullen in Twilight. Today she going to a award function and she needs your help for it.
Still Played : 987
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Cute Doll For President

She is young president of a country and today is her 1st day at the post. So she little bit confused about her dress up. Please help her to get a perfect outfit.
Still Played : 748
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Traditional Indian Wedding

This beautiful Indian girl is getting married today with the man of her dreams. She needs your advice on how to dress up. Check out all the traditional wedding costumes and accessories available and choose the outfit you like
Still Played : 1488
Rating :

Summer Aroma

This sexy girl is spending a beautiful summer day on the beach and she needs to look hot as sun. So please help her to choose an attractive bikini for her which makes her so hot.
Still Played : 989
Rating :

Barbie Loves Icecream

It is a warm day and Barbie is at an amusement park. What better way to cool down than to eat a delicious ice cream! Even her clothes are in ice cream colors!
Still Played : 1055
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Latin Dance Dresses

She knows all the latin dances like samba, rumba, mambo and bolero! Prepare a head to toe look for her, starting with a nice updo to keep her hair from her eyes and to the high heel shoes she dances in ouch!
Still Played : 689
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Cinderellas Princess Makeover

Cinderella never had an easy life, She was always a beautiful girl, even before the makeover, but she will shine brighter than ever now that her skin is perfect, her makeup and hair look amazing and her outfit is flawless.
Still Played : 866
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Fabulous Glitter Makeover

Tonight she will attend a beauty contest and she little worry about her makeup. she needs a good helping hand. Would you like to be her helping hand?
Still Played : 765
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Mowing My Lawn

Mowing the lawn is not a problem for this girl, she has a good mower, in fact she has four in different colors! And she enjoys working in her garden. Dress her during her works.
Still Played : 684
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I Will Marry You Today

You must take an important decision which is choosing your charming prince. Then, you will have to choose the ceremonial dress. By a sunny day, all you will need to say is yes I do.
Still Played : 2710
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Naomi Watts Makeup

Naomi Watts, the British Australian actress. She wants to look younger than her age hence she in search of a stylist who can make her look young and youthful. So grab the opportunity and show her skills.
Still Played : 780
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Fit Suits

Pant suits or dress suits, a popular way to dress for an office job. She has many pants and dress in her wardrobe for her. Dress her up for the office!
Still Played : 1075
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